Purchaser, provider of maintenance and any other real estate acquirer is liable to real estate transfer tax.

Real estate transfer tax is payable at the rate of 3% on market value of real estate at the moment when the tax liability incurred. Real estate acquirer may be exempted from real estate transfer tax liability if they fulfil the prescribed conditions.

Declaring the tax liability is deemed to have been effected by submitting the documents from public notaries and courts, while the real estate transfer tax taxpayer is obliged to submit the Registration Form for Real Estate Transfer​ only if the document was not notarized or not issued by the court or body governed by public law within their competencies, or as upon invitation from the Tax Administration.

Real estate transfer tax taxpayer is obliged to pay the liability within 15 days from the day of the delivery of the decision on the assessment of real estate transfer tax, since an appeal does not stay the execution of the interim tax decision or tax decision.

NOTE: The acquisition of real estate whose supply is liable to VAT is not liable to real estate transfer tax.