Heir and donee of cash, pecuniary claims, securities and movables is liable to inheritance and gifts tax.

Inheritance and gifts tax is levied at the rate of 4% on cash, pecuniary claims, securities and movables if individual market value of a movable property amounts to more than HRK 50,000.00 (​EUR 6.636,14) on the date of tax assessment, following the deduction of debts and expenses related to the assets subject to the said tax. 

Declaring the tax liability is deemed to have been effected by submitting the documents from public notaries and courts, while the inheritance and gifts tax taxpayer is obliged to submit the Inheritance and Gifts Tax Return Form only if the document was not notarized by public notary, or was not issued by the court or other body governed by public law.

The tax liability for the inheritance and gifts tax incurs upon the finality of the decision on inheritance or the decision of the body governed by public law or court at the moment of receiving the gift.

The taxpayers are obliged to pay the tax liability within 15 days from the day of the delivery of the decision on the assessment of tax on inheritance and gifts. 

Tax exemptions when inheriting and gifting cash, pecuniary claims, securities and movable property:

  • spouse, lineal ancestors and descendants, adopting parents, adopted children which have a respective relationship with the deceased or doner,

  • natural and legal persons to whom the Republic of Croatia or the unit or local and regional self-government donates, or gifts, movable property without consideration by way of compensation or other reasons in connection to the Homeland War,

  • the Republic of Croatia and units of local and regional self-government, state administration bodies and the bodies of the units of local and regional self-government, public institutions, religious communities, funds and foundations, the Red Cross and non-profit legal persons registered for providing humanitarian aid in accordance with special regulation

  • natural and legal persons when receiving gifts (donations) for purposes established by special regulations.