Allocating and assigning of Personal Identification Number (OIB) to foreigners

Published: 12.march 2020.

Recommendations to citizens – preventive measures as a safeguard against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) 
In view of preventive actions and the protection of public health, the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, hereby informs all persons who need a Personal Identification Number to be allocated and assigned to them to proceed in the following manner.  
Personal Identification Number (hereinafter OIB) is allocated and assigned to foreigners in local offices of the Tax Administration when there is a cause for monitoring.  The cause for monitoring may arise due to: incurred tax liability, acquiring assets in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, registering in any of official records or for other reasons at the request of a foreigner.
The Application for the determination and assignment of the Personal Identification Number (OIB) is published at the Tax Administration website. For the purpose of assigning of OIB, the foreigners are obliged to submit valid documents with the filled-out application form confirming the stated data, in particular, the European identity card or identity document issued in the country of citizenship with the proof of citizenship.
The Application and the valid documents, in form of a scan, should be sent to for the purpose of allocating and assigning of OIB. The foreigner should provide his/her contact details in the e-mail: telephone number and e-mail as well as the local office of the Tax Administration closest to him/her. Based on the received data, the official of the Tax Administration will inform the foreigner of the exact time when he/she can come to the local office of the Tax Administration to obtain the Certificate of Personal Identification Number, upon the presentation of the documents provided electronically.
Exceptionally, the official of the Tax Administration will deliver the information regarding OIB via e-mail, while the Certificate of Personal Identification Number will be delivered subsequently. 
Allocating and assigning of OIB to foreigners will be a priority for the Tax Administration and will be carried out within the time limit of 8 days. 
The described procedure has been put in place by the Tax Administration in order to safeguard the citizens and to reduce waiting times in the local offices of the Tax Administration.